Floating Filters – A New Song

A month or so ago I was working on a song I had started in the summer, using the iPolysix app on my iPad. It’s a fairly simple repetitive song done with sequences but it sounded… ok, I guess, so I wanted to just finish it and post it. In the middle of that I […]

Halloween Song – The Monster Never Dies

This is a fairly simple song for a Reddit competition. Lots of synths in here: OB-8, Voyager, Polymoog, Arp Odyssey, MS-20, Mopho, Sh-1000, Prophet 600, Prophet 12, CS-15, Korg M3m, Creamware Pro-12, Modular Synth, SEM-Pro, Proteus-2000, MicroBrute, and Alesis DMPro for the timpani.

Polymoog Demo

I have completed fixing the polymoog… for now! Unfortunately I have discovered that it overheats after an hour or so of operation so I will have to do something about the transformer or maybe the whole power supply. Or maybe there is still something wrong causing it to drain a lot more amps that it […]

Moog Polymoog

Well, I guess it’s time to post this. It was around 1979 when I was first getting interested in synthesizers that I first heard about the Polymoog. I always thought it was an interesting synth and a very cool looking keyboard so, of course, I always wanted one. A LOT! Well that day has finally […]

Matrix 6 Fixed!

Well, after a little more investigation I found the real problem with the Matrix 6. In fact, I should have found it right away but I guess I rushed past this. After checking the voltages again I noticed that the +12 volt regulator was actually outputting +18 volts. So with a little more help from […]

Prophet 600 and Matrix 6

Well I really don’t need more gear but, well, I just WANT more! But I do use it all so it’s not just sitting around collecting dust. Last week I got one I’d wanted for a long time and it turns out it was a very good purchase: The Sequential Circuits Prophet 600! I have […]

Roland SH-1000 Synthesizer

Once again, just because it’s still important to me: RIP Isao Tomita. In 1977 I was at a Barrie high school called Eastview. Grade 9 was a lot of fun and a lot of stress but mostly just a whole new adventure after spending the previous 8 years at just one school that sits in […]

1950s Electro Voice EV 630 Microphone

Granted I’m not doing any singing or micing of much these days but I do love the sound of old microphones so I got a really nice 1950s EV 630 and it sounds really nice! I love the natural compression these mics have and the frequency response is really nice too. It’s surprising how much […]

RIP Isao Tomita 1932 – 2016

Isao Tomita, composer and synthesizer artist, died May 5, 2016 of chronic cardiac failure at 2:51 p.m. at Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital. He collapsed around noon in his home and was taken to the hospital, where he passed away with family at his bedside. Private funeral ceremonies attended only by family took place on May […]

Boomstar SE88 Modular Filter

I finally have the sound of the legendary Yamaha CS-80 in my eurorack modular system. I put it off for a while but decided it was time to get the Boomstar SE88 filter. It reminds me of my original plans for a modular synthesizer. I thought it would be nice to be able to change […]

Roland System 500 – 521 Dual Filter Module

I finally got a Roland 521 filter module and man does it sound nice!! Very thick and rich sounding! The lows are fantastic! Very similar to my SH-2 and I’m sure it’s close to a system 100 or 700. I cannot recommend this filter enough! I love it! Next will be the dual oscillator.

New Genelec Monitors and Shelves!

Well I finally decided on new monitors. I needed something smaller for this small room and one day I found out that Genelec made a small monitor called the M030 and I instantly knew that was the one I wanted. They sound fantastic and the lows are amazing! HUGE sound for small monitors, and yet […]

Arp Quartet

Well, one more has arrived and it’s a beauty! I randomly checked the Spaceman music website on the weekend and noticed they had an Arp Quartet. Now granted, I had just finished recapping the voice cards on the Elka Rhapsody 490 that I bought from them a few years ago that very same day but…. […]

Roland Boutique Synths

Well, I said I wouldn’t but I did anyway. But I wont any more. I have enough!! Anyway, I got the Roland Boutique JU-06 and loved it. It sounds fantastic! So even though I’ve never had any desire to get a Jupiter 8 I thought this would be a cheap way to get one just […]

Roland JX-8P and Aion Modular 904A Filter

Two new items have arrived recently. First the Roland Jx-8p. I’d played this synth a few times and didn’t like it much so when a friend offered one for sale I wasn’t interested. But then I played a jx-10 and realized how great the sounds were and decided I better grab it after all! It […]

Odyssey, EQS1 and Warp Factory

A few new additions lately. Finally after 5 months of waiting my Korg Arp Odyssey has arrived. SO… first impressions. Sounds good! Nice fat analog sound. Best ring modulator sounds I have from any synth including the modular. I like the first filter type the best. It’s really big and fat where as the others […]

My First Synth – Yamaha CS-10 – Back Again!

Now that I have a bunch of synths I’ve been wondering what my first synth, the Yamaha CS-10 sounds like compared to all of them. I thought it was a horrible little synth back then and desperately wanted something better so now that I have many much better keyboards it would be cool to revisit […]

Kurzweil K2000

Many years ago I played a Kurzweil K2000 in a studio I was visiting and for some reason I was not impressed with it. A few weeks ago one became available at Paul’s Boutique in Toronto and I hummed and hawed over it for a while and finally decided it might be cool to check […]

Doepfer Triple Resonance Filter A127 & A127 BOM

A couple of months ago my new A127 filter arrived and I took a few pictures to demonstrate how to install it with the A127 BOM because it seemed a bit confusing at first. Hopefully this can clear up any questions you might have! Step 1: Remove the ribbon cable from each stage of the […]