New (Old) Song: No Hurry

I was looking through my Mixes directory the other day (well, a couple of weeks ago) and found an old song called No Hurry. I had written and recorded it in 2007 and then forgotten all about it. I had a listen and I liked it, but it needed some work.

I rerecorded the bass guitar and was able to make that sound half decent and then eventually pretty darn good, in my opinion. I was almost ready to post the song but decided the drums just weren’t good enough so I redid the kik and the snare, messed around a bit with some plugins and then was happy.

Then it was just about 18 mixes later that I finally gave up and posted it.

I definitely think this represents a significant improvement in my mixing abilities so hopefully my future music will sound better than I often think it does.

Be warned this is a hard rock song, not electronic. That’s what I did back in those days before I started buying synths (again).


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