Dreadbox Lil’ Erebus Build

I’ve heard good things about the Dreadbox synths so when they announced the Lil’ Erebus kit I grabbed it. And I did a time lapse video of the build!

It’s a pretty cool little synth. One cool thing is when you add resonance the low frequencies don’t go away like they do with most low pass filters. It has a nice fat, buzzy analog sound that I really like.

However it’s definitely not a synth for everyone or all situations. There are loud clicks when you let go of a note. There is no envelope generator for the VCA. I patched on in and found it didn’t work the way you would expect. Instead of the release
just slowly fading it would hold the note longer, then suddenly fades very quickly.

And like the Polymoog, you have only a single waveform for each oscillator. This gives you a sawtooth and a square wave and that’s it. If you use this with a modular synthesizer it’s fine since you will have more oscillators and LFOs and this is just in addition to those.

So all in all a nice addition to the modular synth, but it would be nice to just take a direct filter output and use an external VCA, or just mix it in with other audio before the VCA.

All music in the video was done only with the Lil’ Erebus.

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