New Song: 8mm


This post might seem strange but wordpress has screwed up their interface and made it impossible to actually create new blog entries so I don’t even know what I’m doing right now. There are no lines so I can’t tell if I am typing in a field or not. I posted a new song. It is just background music for a video I did about fixing my super 8mm movie camera. But as usual the song got out of hand and turned into something I wasn’t expecting so I decided to post it as a song.

The bass was done with my Multimoog, some lead and sound effects sounds were done with the Behringer Neutron. Strings are from the Polymoog and a few other sounds came from the SH-1000 and MS-10.

Sorry if this all sounds strange but I feel absolutely lost right now. The entire edit screen in front of me is blank so I can’t tell if this will get posted or not. WordPress screwed up big time!!

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