I’m not a big fan of videos because I prefer if people use their own imaginations while listening to music, especially when it is as weird as mine! But I put it on Youtube anyway for a little extra exposure with basic screensaver visuals.

Dream Fuel – A song I wrote in 2003 mostly with my new Microkorg. Very different than my normal style but I stil really love this song!

Alien Welcoming Committee – Like most of my music, could have been mixed better but it’s a fairly cool synth song.

Dust and Stress – Just a fun song about the long work day

Sunny Morning on My Day Off – actually written sitting under a tree on a sunny Monday morning of a long weekend.

Bright White Sunlit Snow – I really like this one. Strange images come to mind when I listen to it.

Flight of Fancy – again, the mix could be better but I think it’s a fun song!

Glowing Walls – Eerie, spooky song I originally did for a crappy little time-lapse video. I expanded the song into something a bit more interesting.

December 21, 2012 – Dramatic song depicting strange goings on.

Are they Still Following Us – Creepy little song.

The Odyssey – A quick little song I wrote using only the new Korg Arp Odyssey.

Here I Am – Powerful song I wrote after starting to do this video. I love adding music to picture so instead of just using snippets of my songs and using this video as a sort of demo, I ended up writing a whole new song for it. I think it turned out very nice!

Flying – Another synthy song to inspire imagination.

Thousands of Miles – A rock song with lots of guitars and lots of synths!

And don’t forget, there is even more music on Soundcloud:

A new album is in the works and should be done this year. The new music is significantly more interesting and the mixing and sound quality are much improved.