Micromoog Synthesizer

Well, I couldn’t resist another one. I saw it sitting in a store for many months and finally said “I better grab it!!” so now I own a 1975 Micromoog!

Moog Micromoog Synthesizer

I’ve always wanted a Multimoog and will have to get one at some point but I thought this one, although much scaled back, would probably be cool for a few things, and I was right!! It sounds fantastic!! Loads of low end, very creamy sound and for such a small synth there are a lot of cool features!

There’s only one oscillator but there is a divider so you can get an extra square wave either one or 2 octaves lower. And it’s not just an on off switch, it’s a pot so you can mix in as much as you want.

There are a bunch of simple but very useful modulation options and you can even modulate the filter to get a nice grungy sound, or when it’s feeding back you get some nice ring modulator type sounds.

You can also set the octave switch to a free state and use the frequency knob to sweep through a VERY wide range, from pretty close to zero to above what you (or at least I) can hear.

And even with the minimal 2 knobs for the envelopes you can still get a wide range of settings with the switches. So far I’ve been able to make it do everything I want so it’s not nearly as limited as I expected.

But most importantly, it has that Moog sound. I’ve heard it has the Minimoog filter in it. I don’t know if that’s true but it really does sound fantastic. Mine has a bit of crackle so I’ll have to open it up and track that down at some point but for now it’s just part of the instrument’s character.

Moog Micromoog - The Inside

Sooooo…. what’s next? Minimoog? Prophet 5? Maybe the Behringer Model D if that ever shows up. Maybe the Roland boutique VP-03, or the 01a. Or maybe something else that happens to become available that I find myself unable to resist! Although I’d really like a good Gibson SG too…

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