New Behringer Modules

I know a lot of people have negative things to say about Behringer but I’m here to say their synths and modules are fantastic!

I’ve had a Neutron for several years now and it’s a fantastic synth that I’d recommend to anyone, beginner or long time user. It has some unique features, is built very solidly, and is a great introduction to modular synthesis as well.

The modules are no different. They sound and feel solid and work exactly as expected. No loose jacks or knobs, and they sound and feel as good as any other module I’ve tried. And they have fantastic features!

My favorite is the 305 Output Module. I haven’t researched this to see if others have done the same thing but so far I haven’t seen any other module that has quarter inch output jacks. This alone makes this module great! Who wants to connect their gear with 3.5mm jacks?? Also the Master Volume control is a godsend!! As is the tone generator that outputs 220, 440 and 880hz tones perfect for tuning, something you absolutely need with a modular system!

The 1004 oscillator (from the original Arp 2500) is a really nice oscillator with lots of features like inverted or non-inverted waveforms, and a low-high switch that turns it into an LFO when needed.

I really love the 1047 Filter module (again from the 2500). It sounds really nice and I use it most of the time now.

I also love the 150 that has an LFO, ring modulator, noise generator and sample and hold, all with great features. And I can’t forget the 911 envelope generator based on the original Moog Module. My only complaint with this module is that is needs an S-trigger input. Personally I disagree with copying old gear that closely, but it is fairly easy to convert a cable to do this with just a transistor and a resistor.

So like I said, these modules are fantastic and have great features and are all much cheaper than other similar modules. Now the big question is: How long will they last? You have to wonder how they make them so cheaply! I hope they last a long time because I love them! The bad news is, if I want to add more I’ll have to get yet another case and probably a house to hold all this stuff!

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