Doepfer A-110 Oscillator Tune Knob mod

I’ve already made my first modification to my Doepfer A-110 oscillators. For some reason they have set the Tue knob range to only a single tone up or down. One thing I do a lot is offset the oscillators by a fifth so this wasn’t going to do! So I contacted Doepfer and they told me (more or less) what to do.

Doepfer A-110 Oscillator Mod

So what I did was this: located resister R5 on the circuit board and added a second resister in parallel with it to reduce it’s value. I added a 100K resister and this now gives me a range of an octave and a third up and a bit more than an octave down. So now it’s a bit more difficult to fine tune, but now I have a huge tuning range that lets me do a lot more!

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