And Now… Yamaha SK-20. Beauty Keyboard!

Arrived last week, a beautiful old Yamaha SK-20. Organ, Strings and one oscillator poly-synth in one neat little heavy-as-a-tank package!

Yamaha SK-20 now added to my collection!

Unfortunately this one arrived with a little problem: D4 and D5 were not working. If it was some feature (other than the strings) I might have been able to live without it but I kinda need all the notes on the keyboard!

Luckily I found someone who I thought might have a replacement circuit board so I emailed him and he replied with a lot of help and was able to figure out exactly what the problem was without even seeing it. All I had to do was solder in one wire and it was fixed!

Yamaha SK-20 Keyboard Fix

So HUGE thanks to Robert Weigel for his help! Check out his website at .

I really like the sound of the strings and the ensemble in this keyboard and using the polysynth at the same time allows me to make the brighter or add some filter sweep at the same time. I never would have thought it years ago but this is a great combination for a keyboard. I think I will look for an SK-30 next year.

As usual, the old synths are the best!

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