New Song: Tokyo Nights – An iPolysix Demo

I posted a new song called Tokyo Nights to Soundcloud

Last summer (2016) I got an iPad and installed the Korg iPolysix app on it. It sounds fantastic! Really nice emulation. Unfortunately I don’t have a way to play it right now. I’ll have to get a small keyboard or a MIDI interface at some point. So in the meantime I decided to try using the built-in sequencer to put together the basic parts of a song as a demo. I went a bit overboard adding parts so it’s not much of a demo anymore, but you can hear the drums and bass from the app at the beginning of the song.

The app has a mixer and will let you mix together 3 separate parts: Synth 1 and 2 and Drums. I created a few basic rhythms with the drum synth which is actually just another Polysix, and then did bass, chords and a couple of interesting effects to go with them.

Next I used Render to create wav files of the sequences and with iTunes was able to copy them to my computer. You have to click the little phone symbol in iTunes to view the contents of the iPad, then click Apps, scroll down the list to find the iPolysix app, then look at the documents. From there you can just drag and drop the file to a directory in Windows Explorer.

Then I created a new project in Sonar and set the BPM to match what I had used in the iPolysix app. Now you drag the wav files into the project and they become sound clips you can use in the normal way.

From there I added a bunch of different sounds from the OB-8, Odyssey, Polymoog, MS-20, Prophet 12 and a few others and added a solo at the end with the Arp Axxe. The song isn’t anything too special but it shows that the app can be useful even without a connected keyboard. And I always like the moody sound of the Axxe emulating a Sax so there’s that too!

I also have the Moog Model 15 app so someday I should use that in a song too!

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