Floating Filters – A New Song

A month or so ago I was working on a song I had started in the summer, using the iPolysix app on my iPad. It’s a fairly simple repetitive song done with sequences but it sounded… ok, I guess, so I wanted to just finish it and post it. In the middle of that I remembered the Roland Boutique synth JU-06 that I really wanted to spend more time with. So I picked it up (literally, it’s tiny) and started playing around with it. It actually has a very VERY nice sound with an amazing filter. I quickly found a sound I liked and started playing a simple repetitive bass line that sounded cool with the overtones coming from the filter so I recorded it.

Then I found a nice subtle swelling sound and used that for the two chords to go with the bass line. Then… a lot of other things happened! At first it was just a nice relaxing sound but not much else. Then I added some lines of dialog that added a whole other layer of meaning to the song and that inspired me to add a lot of other things, including a really nice strings solo with the Polymoog. I finally did some sliding between notes that I’d wanted to do for a long time. The ribbon controller in the Polymoog made that somewhat easy.

Most of the song was done in a couple of weeks but it took about 3 more weeks of fine tuning before I was happy with the result. Not completely happy, but I think it’s close enough. So here it is!

Now I have to go back to that iPolysix song, but that’s after I do one or two christmas songs for a reddit contest. Eventually I will finish the new CD though!

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