New Genelec Monitors and Shelves!

Well I finally decided on new monitors. I needed something smaller for this small room and one day I found out that Genelec made a small monitor called the M030 and I instantly knew that was the one I wanted. They sound fantastic and the lows are amazing! HUGE sound for small monitors, and yet the bass doesn’t cancel out in this room the way it does with the larger Mackies. Definitely a great decision. I can finally hear exactly how my mixes sound!

I also finally made a decision on how to organize things a bit better in here. Shelves! And here they are!

Studio Rearranged - From Above

This allows me to make better use of the vertical space in this room, get more than 6 additional keyboards set up, and still have quite a bit more room than I did before. This feels MUCH better.

Now, back to work finishing these damn songs!!

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