Mutable Instruments Braids Module

I got a new module last week. I was going to get another Doepfer oscillator but decided to be a bit adventurous and got a Mutable Instruments Braids instead. It’s a lot more expensive but it does a lot more. Holy cow, does it ever do a LOT more!!

Mutable Instruments Braids

The cs-80 saw waveform alone is pretty awesome. I can see myself getting another one of these just so I can have 2 of these sawtooth waves! Although, there are settings that give you multiple square and sawtooth waves at the same time, including one that gives you 7 sawtooth waves!

There are too many features to go over here and they can all be looked up and read about elsewhere but I’ll just say that this thing gives me a ton of sonic options that I hope to start using very soon!

I also feel that I will have to expand my modular one more time with another case and a few more modules. There is a CS-80 filter module coming soon from Studio Electronics, a cool envelope generator from Suit and Tie guy, and I’d still like to get the Intellijel Atlantis some day too. And maybe the Metropolis.

If only money was unlimited!!

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