Arp Axxe Arrives!

Well, I wasn’t going to get anything else, but Paul’s Boutique had an Arp Axxe sitting there for quite a while and I just couldn’t resist! And it has arrived!

Arp Axxe Arrives

The keys look pretty yellow but it is surprisingly clean otherwise. The keyboard feels fine, no dust inside, sounds really nice and rich like a 70’s analog should. The only real problem is that the sliders are sticky. I’m not really looking forward to cleaning them but they do need it.

One of the cool things I didn’t even realize is that this synth has 1/8th inch jacks on the back for CV, Trigger and Gate so I should be able to interface it with my modular. It also has an External In jack so I could easily add extra oscillators from the module to thicken the sound if I want.

And since I still plan on getting the new Korg Arp Odyssey in the fall I can compare it and see if they got the sound right. These old synths really do sound better so I hope they are aiming to match that.

It also came in a cool flight case that I guess ti was originally sold in. I don’t have much use for it, but it’s cool nonetheless!

Arp Axxe Arrives-Flight Case

Now… can I stop buying?

2 thoughts on “Arp Axxe Arrives!”

  1. Thanks for the offer but although I don’t have a use for it right now, I like the case! It’s a cool part of the Axxe and Arp history.


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